More About This Novice Beekeeper

I guess you might want to know a bit more about the author of this beekeeping blog.  Here is the low down:

MeBeekeeper Me
Born1973April 2012
LiveGloucestershireAllotment plus fields nearby
StatusJust got married (May 2012) & Just had a baby (Nov 2012 & Sep 2014).Novice beekeeper (with 4 hives)
Mental stateA rollercoaster of enthusiasm and malaiseRelatively sane with a hint of obsessive enthusiasm
EducationSomePassed following BBKA assessments:
- Basic Assessment
- Module 1 (Honeybee Management)
- Module 2 (Honeybee Products & Forage)

Currently studying other BBKA modules.
Favourite bookStatus Anxiety
[Books I like: UK / USA]
The Bad Beekeepers Club
[Books I like: UK / USA]
AmbitionsPeace (hopefully this is congruous with the ambitions of Beekeeper Me)I have 4 hives. Goal is to be a better beekeeper, expand to 6 hives and then focus on honey production
Me and an aspiring beekeeper
Me and an aspiring beekeeper

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  • I Am Not A Beeman – This is the first time I realised I had some unresolved insecurities – speaking of which, please use the “like” buttons below – don’t make me beg 🙂
  • Thunderbirds Are Go – If you want to read through all my posts, this was the first one (March 2012). You can then follow the arrows at the top of posts to follow in chronological order
  • How-To Guides – I capture what I learn and try and work out what is best practice. On this page I clarify that “I am not Britain’s leading beekeeper and I am not known for my writing and ability to demystify the honourable pursuit of beekeeping”

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