Robbing Screen

Robbing Screen For Honeybees

I haven’t made or used one of these myself, but after my hive was being robbed, it is definitely worth considering having one handy.

What is a robbing screen: A 3/8″ thick “U” shaped frame covered with a screen, tacked over the entrance.

Why should I use one: To prevent honeybees from other hives robbing the hive you need to protect

How can I tell if my hive is being robbed: If you see bees fighting, or bees being pulled away or ganged up on

Time of year: When the temperature is warm enough for the bees to fly, but there is little nectar and pollen available. Here in the UK this typically means first half of June (depending on if Spring has come early or late), and mid-August through to October.

When should I put it on: Between when the bees have gone to bed and when they get up.  This way they understand how to get back in to the hive.

How long before it gets results: Immediately – but note some beekeepers don’t think it works at all

Here is a one minute vid of the screen with an explanation on screen use and why it works:

Please let me know if you have used one and comment on the above.  Please email me any photos via Contact Me page.

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