Beekeeping Equipment

My Beekeeping Equipment

Until now I was not sure what equipment I had exactly and kept worrying over questions like, “do I have enough supers?”.  Actually, being an optimistic beekeeper, the question in my head is more along the lines of “do I have enough supers if my bees are super productive and fill a super per week for the next 6 weeks of nectar flow?”.  So far the answer has always been “yes, I have enough supers” but “no, my bees do not have super powers”.  2 supers per hive has so far been more than adequate.

So, after building four supers today I thought it was time for an audit of my equipment.  I thought, yes, I could write it down, but I’d probably lose it, so I might as well keep it online with all my other beekeeping nonsense.  My readership are very interested in these matters! 🙂

Here we go.  My beekeeping empire consists of:


  • 5 14×12’s brood boxes (assembled, drawn comb)
  • 2 Poly Nucs complete (bought in 2014, 2015)
  • 53 14×12 brood foundation, wired
  • 20 14×12 drone foundation, wired
  • 40 super foundation wired
  • 5 roofs
  • 5 crown boards
  • 12 supers
  • 6 floors (one of which is Apishield hornet trap, external link)
  • 5 ekes
  • 5 clearer boards
  • 5 jumbo feeders
  • Box of plastic super frames (many)
  • Box of Beesy frames

Thermosolar Hives

  • 2 14×12 brood bodies
  • 6 supers


  • 3 Nucs with 18 complete frames

Ross Rounds

  • 3 complete racks (32 sections in each complete rack)
  • Approx. 90 extra rings
  • 20 sheets thin foundation
  • Approx 90 complete containers


Section Honey

  • 24 thin foundation completed frames
  • 200 8ox containers

Honey Extraction

  • Honey ripener
  • Nylon strainer
  • Digital weighing machine
  • 12 x 30lb buckets
  • 1 x 60lb bucket


  • Apiguard (expires ???)
  • 10 MAQs doses (expires late 2017)

Other Beekeeping Equipment

  • 2 hive tools
  • 2 hive straps
  • 7 queen excluders (5 metal, 2 plastic)
  • 7 mouse guards
  • 1 queen cage
  • 1 bee brush
  • 2 queen catchers (plunger; standard)
  • 1 bee marker pen (blue)

 Equipment I Need

  • None

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  • Honey Tank – More about my honey tank and why it is well worth considering getting one before you extract and jar honey

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  1. i cant buy beesy frame plastic bits in the USA would you be willing to ship my some if i paid cost shipping and for you for your time? I need enough to build 100 frames. I live in Oregon 97302 to figure shipping. Yes this is a total stranger asking for help.

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