Create A Nuc Of Bees

Create A Nuc Of Bees

This technique is applied when you see Queen cells. Note: you also need to have a nuc box handy. The same technique can be applied to create a new colony if you wish.

  1. Take frame with the Queen and a frame or two of stores
  2. Place in nuc and make sure entrance is small (i.e. defendable)
  3. Shake in a frame of bees
  4. Place nuc some distance from hive
  5. Inspect main hive and destroy all Queen cells but leave one Queen cell in which you can see a larvae (it is possible that some Queen cells are empty)
  6. Mark the frame with the Queen with a pin, directly above where you found the Queen cell
  7. Inspect five days later to ensure cell is sealed and destroy other Queen cells

If this technique is applied after mid-June then there will be no loss of honey production.

Grafted Queen Cell (courtesy Roland Prakel)
Grafted Queen Cell (courtesy Roland Prakel)

My novice beekeeping cousin is a fan of the Fat Bee Man – so lets watch him in action, making some nucs. After watching him I felt braver about not using gloves or a bee suit … but was suitably punished by the bees!

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