Bee Suit Warranties And Repairs

Bee Suit Warranties And Repairs

Many of us will be getting out our beekeeping suits and discovering holes in the veil or the knees.

This is a timely reminder that some of the beekeeping clothing manufacturers offer warranties and have in-house repair services, so do use these services if available.

A sponsor of this blog and the bee suit I use: BJ Sherriff garments carry a 5 year warranty on all zips and they repair garments of any age as long as it is deemed economically viable to repair them.  They have repaired a few garments over 40 years old in recent weeks!  Contact them if you need a re-veil or refurbishment of your BJ Sherriff protective clothing.  Repairs are carried out by their authorised specialist machinists and therefore do not revoke their warranty.  Call them weekdays, 9.30am to 14.30pm: tel. 01872 863304; or email:  Link to their website:

Forlorn Beesuit
BJ Sherriff Bee Suit In Need Of Some Love

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