Beehaus For Sale

Beehaus For Sale

If you have  a beehaus for sale or are looking for a second-hand beehaus, please feel free to use this page to find each other.  I might be tempted to buy it off you myself!

Please visit the Beehaus Promotion page for details of voucher codes, offers and discounts.

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  1. I have a Beehaus complete for sale £225 it has been used but is in very good condition

    4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards
    4 Supers
    Inspection Tray
    Hive Divider
    4 Queen Excluders
    10 Deep National Brood Frames
    10 National Super Frames
    Beehaus Inspection Book

    Based in Liverpool Merseyside.

    1. Hi. Is this a complete beehaus for sale? Or is there anything missing? Also could you please tell me the rough weight as we have to transport it abroad.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi Pete

        The Beehaus is complete with nothing missing and weighs approx 45kg. If you need any further details you can contact me on 07962055404

  2. I’m thinking of switching from Nationals to Beehaus, so if you have one for sale within 100 miles of Kings Lynn (or if you can ship) please contact me on 01945 701507

  3. Hi I’m looking for a used Beehaus, I live in Wiltshire and am willing to travel within the South. Many thanks

    1. Hi Jas, might be a bit late but I am selling my beehaus if you are interested. It is complete, but with 2 sets of supers and cover/clearer boards. This is in the green colour. Looking for around £250. I am in Dorset.

      8 Cover Boards
      4 Clearer Boards
      8 Supers
      Inspection Tray
      Hive Divider
      4 Queen Excluders
      Beehaus manual


      Carole Davies

      1. Hi Carol, this just popped into my email as I have a search out for a Beehaus, I am Bristol and am able to travel to Dorset with ease, could I see some photos please.
        Thank you, Rebecca

        1. Hi Rebecca,

          I have since put the Beehaus on ebay for auction and as it has 1 bid for £200 I need to let it run the course. However I have attached some photo’s in case you want to place a bid?
          It is on for collection only.

          Kind regards


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  4. I have a green used Beehaus for sale. Used and about 4 years old. all in good condition. £250. Location Cheshire.

    1. Sort of depends what that is. Can throw in a bee suit, feeders and other paraphernalia if ou pay for postage.

  5. Hi, I have a second-hand Beehaus for sale in very good condition at £220. The colour of the Beehause is purple. The hive has remnants of propolis. I have cleaned it with a mixture of strong washing soda and bleach.
    The Beehaus comprises:

    1 Omlet Beehaus broodbox
    1 Roof with elastic grips
    4 Supers with 4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards with 2 Rhombus Bee Escapes
    4 Queen Excluders
    Hive Divider
    Dummy Board
    Inspection Tray
    2 Entrance Adapters
    10 used, but cleaned, Hoffman 14 x 12 frames

    1. hi there
      is the haus still for sale?
      if so could you message me some more details of where you are etc


    1. Hi Elizabeth

      I have a green one for sale with everything you need except a colony and frames. Lots of extras including a smoker and feeders. £220.

      I’m sure we can get it to you as I often head Leicester way (or perhaps meet in the middle?)


          1. Hi Chris
            I would just get it collected
            might need a bit of packing!
            could P/pal


  6. I’m looking for a second hand Beehaus. I live in Saddleworth (NE Manchester) – OL3 postcode. I also work nr Warwick in the week. I planted a 90 tree orchard 4 years ago… So looking for permanent pollinators. Mark

    1. Hi Mark

      I am in Chester. I have a green BH available with a lot of kit, feeders, smoker, suit – everything except a colony and frames. £250. Can meet halfway if you like.


      1. Hi Chris, yes interested. Could you email me what you have… And how many frames I’d need to buy (etc)… And anything else. Thanks Mark. If you’re on Facebook, you can find me at Saddleworth Orchard

        1. Kay, I was looking for a Beehaus, not selling one. I’ve since made a log-hive and a swarm arrived last Thursday. Look at Saddleworth Orchard on Facebook.

  7. Hi, I’m looking for a Beehaus. I’m in Kent. I’m a newbie and looking for a hive and any other equipment I may need. Thanks in advance. Oliver.

  8. Hi all,

    I’m looking for a reasonably priced Beehaus in the Cornwall area.

    Please drop me a line if you have anything suitable.

    Thanks very much.

    Kind regards,


    1. Good luck trying to find one used anywhere in the US or Canada. I have been looking for months. I called Omlet several times in December 2016 and tried to by one but they stated that they have not sold them in the US in years and “WILL NOT” in the future. I begged but no luck. Seems silly to me as they sell the EGLU here.

      If you have any luck let me know.

      Scott in Orlando

      1. I am also looking and am in Michigan. I too called and had the same results. Just wish they would consider opening up the US market again. Perfect for my aging body.

  9. Hello
    Anybody selling a reasonably priced Beehaus am willing to travel to collect across most of the UK.
    Based in Gloucestershire area



      1. Morning,
        No I didn’t get a beehaus in the end most for sale on here are in the north of the country and usually promised to somebody by the time I notice them – although they do seem to be re-advertised a lot of times.

        I do look but it’s not all consuming and I have Maisemore Apiaries nearby for anything on a standard wooden beehive.


  10. Hello,

    I live in Bromley Kent and can travel to collect a BeeHaus if anyone has one for sale in the Kent, Sussex, Surrey or London areas.

    Many thanks.

  11. Hi,
    I’m looking for a second hand Beehaus, I’m in Ireland but have a son in London who could collect. I have the classic omelet hitched for guinea pigs and just love them, so reckon the Beehaus would be a good way to start beekeeping,
    Barbara Carr

    1. I can do that! Have a green one for sale with lots of kit – £240. I’m near Chester – only 90 mins away

      1. I was hoping to hear from you about what other parts you have and arrange a visit but the forum moderator has to check all the new posts, hence the delay.

    2. I am still looking so would I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is selling and is near enough.

    1. Hi, is this still for sale? If so do you have any pictures? How old is it and is it in good condition. Regards.

      1. Hi,Do not have pictures at the moment but will ask a friend to upload some for me.
        Hive is in good condition with all parts, including 10 brood frames and 10 super frames.
        We have been successful with it for 3 years but are trying to standardise with 14×12 nationals.
        You are welcome to view anytime.

        1. Thanks for your reply. I look forward to your pictures. This will be my first attempt at Bee keeping so I’m hoping to find it easy. Would you mind telling me where you are located so that I can see if collecting it would be feasible. Regards.

          1. We are located in Wrexham.
            I would suggest joining a local bee keeping club or finding a local beekeeper to mentor you as there is quite a lot to learn.

  12. Hi, i’m looking for a second hand Beehaus if anyone in my area has one for sale please. I live in Kent on the East Sussex Border. Thank you, Mel

  13. I’m looking for a Beehaus for my son. I live in the Cheshire/ high peak / greater Manchester area ( on the boarder of all 3). Anybody selling then please get in touch. Thanks.

  14. Hi,

    I have a Beehaus complete for sale, only used once and it is in very good condition

    4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards
    4 Supers
    Inspection Tray
    Hive Divider
    4 Queen Excluders
    10 Deep National Brood Frames
    10 National Super Frames
    Beehaus Inspection Book

    Selling as I now have young children!

    Collection only – Buckinghamshire

    1. Hi

      I have a green one. I’m im cheshire but often driving a50 through to Nottingham.

      Complete with extra set of supers, bee suit, smoker, feeders – just need frames to get going


      Call me 07584670766 if interested.

      1. Hi, is this still for sale? If so do you have any pictures? How old is it and is it in good condition. Regards.

        1. Hi Lesley. It’s in great condition. I only used it for 2 seasons until I unfortunately lost the colony – not enough time to commit as working away. I can send pictures – do you have an email address I can send them to?

  15. Hi I’m looking for a Beehaus to buy. Yellow or green pref but not super fussy (scuse pun). Based in North Devon but occasionally drive to Hertfordshire and Brum. Cheers Seb

    1. Hi Seb
      I have a yellow one, to be honest it was a thoughtful but unwanted gift, it’s about two years old but never used. Includes ten brood frames, set of four supers with 10 frames all assembled including foundation, with divider board, a couple of dummy boards, queen excluders(4), cover boards(4), clearer boards(2),
      Liquid smoke, sprayer, hive tool, log book, instruction book on Keeping a Beehaus Hive.
      I’m thinking about putting it on eBay but happy to give you first refusal.
      PS I’m in Farnham on the Surrey Hampshire border.

      1. I’ve just been reminded that we are in Bath on the 24th of this month, if that’s any help to you or any one else

      2. Hi Martin, sorry for the slow reply, I don’t think notification of your reply came through from talking with bees until someome else replied to your comment. I’m pretty keen. Would you be happy to hang on to it until Mid December which is the next time I could head past yours on the way to my folks, cheers

        1. I’m in no rush, that would fine. It’s all yours if you confirm by reply that you want it and your happy with the price.

        2. If your beehaus is still for sale then I am interested and in Bristol so could meet you if you are in Bath this month.
          Many thanks

          1. Thanks Bad
            I did give Seb first refusal, I’ll give him to the end of this weekend to get in contact if not I’ll be in touch, many thanks.

          2. Hi Brad
            So I have not heard anything from Seb, are you still interested? If so we are staying in Seend just outside Devizes on the 23rd and we are in Bath on the morning on the 24th.
            Give me a ring (07447 001346) I can send you photos if needed. All I need is your word that you will meet me [with the cash :-)] and I’ll bring it all with us.


  16. Hi,

    I’m looking for a complete Beehaus to buy and am based in the Midlands. Please let me know if anyone can help!

      1. Hi Martin
        Thanks for your comment, please tell me more about it, which model etc
        My wife is not very keen on the idea so I’m really looking out for the raised one with wheels and not in a desperate hurry.

        1. It’s not on wheels just legs. As to the model I didn’t know they had different models. It’s two years old, never had a bee in it all you need to do is just add bees, I’m happy to send photos if you could supply an email

          1. Sorry, it’s the chicken thing that’s on wheels, not the beehaus

            As It’s the wrong time of year to start with bees, I’m looking for a second hand one to keep cost down ( in case it’s a phase) so wasn’t in a rush. Yours sounds amazing but by the time I’ve paid the ferry over (even with you coming to Portsmouth) it’s still more than I want to pay really.

  17. Brand new, complete, yellow Bee Haus for sale (it’s been in our garden for a few months but never used) in Bristol. If interested please make us an offer.

    1. Hi Clare,

      I have been looking for one for ages! Is it still available?

      I was hoping to pay around the £200 – £250 mark.



    2. Clare,

      Is the Beehaus for still for sale? If so I will pay £300 and can pick up when in Bristol. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Matt

  18. Hi Lucy

    Thank you for getting in touch, it is still available but we are looking for over £300 because it’s brand new.


  19. Hi all, there has been so much interest we are going to put it on eBay – thank you for all the enquiries. I’ll let you know the link once we have it listed.

  20. I have a yellow beehaus for sale, built the main plastic body up a good number of years ago but never used it ,been stored under cover for quite a while, the yellow is partially faded but this is new other than its age !! rest of kit is stored in a garage , we had all intentions of getting up and running but with children never got around to it .
    In Nottinghamshire.
    £300 for everything

    1. I’m interested in your Beehaus. Though I live in Suffolk I have family in Nottingham that I visit. Where abouts are you.
      Have you still got all the frames with it?

  21. Yes Marcia, we unpacked it ,built the plastic body up then never got the bees .
    We are just off the A2 in Tuxford, north Notts

  22. Hi Paul I would like to have the Beehaus. Can you tell me what extras you had come with it please. Marcia

    1. Sorry Marcia , not quite sure what you mean by extras ? We purchased it in kit form direct from omelet , it has the suit ,hat etc and then just the unit itself.
      Sorry I’m not much more use!! On nights at the moment so sometimes the simplest questions stump me!!

  23. ? ok can I confirm that I would like to buy it please. I cant come up this weekend but possibly next Friday,Saturday or Sunday that would suit you. If you would like me to send you a deposit thats fine by me. 07710214202.

  24. ? ok can I confirm that I would like to buy it please. I cant come up this weekend but possibly next Friday,Saturday or Sunday that would suit you. If you would like me to send you a deposit thats fine by me. 07710214202.

  25. Hello, I am looking for a beehaus in good condition, please let me know if you can help. I am near junction 17 and 18 of the M25.

  26. Used Red Beehaus For Sale $450
    located in Vancouver, BC, Cananda
    4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards
    8 Supers
    Inspection Tray
    Hive Divider
    2 Queen Excluders
    20 National Super Frames
    Beehaus Inspection Book
    We have moved over to top bar keeping and it works better for our available storage here in the city

  27. I have a Dartington hive for sale. This is a wooden version of the Omelette/Beehaus. £150 ono

    1. Hi Brian –
      I’m interested in your hive, but I’m up in the wilds of Cumbria – where are you based?

  28. I have the wooden version of the beehouse the dartington… in good condition for £150 I’m in west London tel 07717473206

    1. Hi Brian is this still available? I am in south-east London, so not too far…do you have a link for what it looks like, please? I am just a beginner and interested in beekeeping, don’t have any yet.

  29. Hello, I’m north london, beginner and and looking for a beehaus. Pls message me 07392329760 if you are looking to sell. ty

  30. Hi, I live in Peterborough and am wanting to buy a beehaus. Willing to travel to pickup. Please message me on 07901704313 if you are interested in selling. Thanks

  31. Hello everyone, I’m in Surrey and sometimes in Oxfordshire, beginner and already have a swarm in a box, hence looking for a beehaus.
    Does anyone have one for sale?
    Please message me on 07909 433033 or email me if you are looking to sell.

  32. Hi, I have a used Beehaus for sale with all parts, plus various extra cover boards, supers (some made up, some not) and new frames likewise. For collection from NR34 (near Beccles/Great Yarmouth). £250

  33. Looking to purchase a Beehaus – can collect if required if your around the north Birmingham / Sutton Coldfield area – can pay cash in collection. Thanks in advance – 0121 642 4001

    1. We have a green beehaus. We’ve had it a quite few years but it’s never been used – a present. £250.We live an hour and a half away from you near Bishops Castle. ( I know this as I used to live in Sutton Coldfield). If your are interested I can send a photo. I shall be posting it for sale. Tel 01588 620751

    2. We have a beehaus for sale. It’s about 5 years old. Never been used. We’re asking £250 for it. We will be posting it generally soon but if you’re still interested our number is 01588 620751. We’re an hour and a half away from you. Used to live in Sutton Coldfield ourselves

      1. Hello – this is a boit of a long shot but is this still available? I live in Bath – is this postable / able to be picked up courier? Thank you 🙂

    1. I have a Dartington hive for sale which is the wooden hive that the beehaus is a plastic version of.
      I’m in west London

  34. I have a green complete Beehaus for sale . It is in very good condition and thoroughly cleaned, £250.

    Double brood box with divider board
    8 supers (2sets)
    4 cover boards
    4 clearer boards
    7 queen excluders
    2 entrance adapters
    Inspection tray
    Manual and record book
    40 + super frames
    2 contact feeders

    Located Suffolk

    1. Hi,I would like to buy your Beehaus. Would you be able to send it to me by courier?

      I live in Ammanford,Carmarthenshire, Wales, postcode SA18 3NA

      Kind regards

    2. Hello Steve, I have been thinking about getting a second beehaus for a while. I already have a green one. I am also in Suffolk, just south of Sudbury. Whereabouts are you? And why are you getting rid of this one? Have you switched to a different sort of hive, or have you given up completely?
      I look forward to hearing from you,

    3. Hi Steve, sorry if I was not clear in my previous message but I would definitely like to buy your beehaus please. I am also in Suffolk, just south of Sudbury and can collect. Next Saturday would be best for me please.
      Please email me on I look forward to hearing from you,
      Many thanks,
      Jo Reed

    4. Do you still have your beehive for sale – I am in Essex and willing to travel to pick up – I am new to beekeeping so any help in sorcing a beehive much appreciated.

  35. Hi Vivienne

    I’m pleased your interested in the beehaus, I have spoken to my friend who uses a local reliable courier regularly, I’m told it would relatively simple to prepare for transportation, but Suffolk to Carmarthenshire is a long way guesstimating it would be £150 carriage. If you are still interested perhaps you can give me your telephone number.

    Kind regard

  36. Thanks Steve for getting back to me. Sorry that would be too pricey but like you rightly said it is along way.

    I will have to keep looking and hopefully find something closer.

    Many thanks and kind regards


  37. Good morning

    I’m still looking to buy a secondhand beehaus if any one is selling in or around Sussex. Thanks

  38. Hello fellow beekeepers! I have a second hand beehaus for sale. Comes with 4 supers, divider boards, queen excluders etc. All you need. We are in Denham / Middlesex. £200. I can arrange for transport if it’s locally (ish).

  39. Hi Guys,

    Im looking for a second hand Beehaus around Birmingham/Leicestershire area. Ive recently taken up beekeeping after being injured in Afghan and discharged from the Army. I have been mentored for the past 2 season by a volunteer through Help for Heroes and now have decided to get my own hive.



    1. Hello Lucy. I am reluctantly putting my two beehauses up for sale due illness. One has only been used for one season and is very clean. The other has been used for 5 years but of course the beehaus does not appreciably deteriorate. This one has 8 supers and contained 2 thriving colonies. I’m not sure how much I would want to charge for either. £200 seems to be about the going rate. It would need to be collected. I’m in Tunbridge Wells.

      1. Hello Yvonne. I would be interested in your Beehaus, and I live near Rye so collection no problem.

          1. Hi Yvonne. Yes please, I’d like to buy one of the two. I’m happy to send you a holding deposit if you’d like, with the balance on collection?
            Perhaps you’d advise me which would be better, as I have one fully established college ny and one new and developing one.
            With thanks,

          1. Hi Yvonne,
            Sorry I’ve been out of touch – like you, I’m having treatment.
            If you haven’t sold the beehaus, may I lease collect early next week?
            Thank you,


      2. Hi Yvonne
        do you still have the beehauses?
        If os I would be interested in buying and collecting them.
        Caro N

        1. Hello Caro. Please email me on
          Chemotherapy day y’day, which pretty much wipes out the rest of the week, so anytime that suits you to collect will be fine. My husband will help you.

          1. Hello Yvonne,

            if you still have a beehaus for sale I would love to buy it – I hope you are not feeling too rough.

  40. Hi, I’m looking for a second hand beehaus, I’m near Telford Shropshire if anyone has anything they’d like to sell.

  41. Hello Joel. I haven’t heard from Colin or Caro. I have one beehaus left. If you would like it please come and get it! If you prefer to telephone, rather than email, my number is 01892 527832.

    1. Thank you Yvonne – I think that Colin has just got back in touch so please feel free to contact me if the sale doesn’t work out between you.

      Your sincerely

  42. Hello to the person who telephoned yesterday. My husband picked up the message and missed your name. I have sold my Beehauses but thank you for your interest.

  43. I have two beehaus’ for sale. One red one yellow. They each include 8 supers, devider boards, queen excluders, cover boards, I have one feeder, instruction books and record books. Both beehaus’ have been used but as you know they dont deteriorate. I’m in suffolk.

    1. Hi there. If either of these are still available I’d like one please. I can pick it up this week.

  44. I have someone interested in one of the though she has yet to decide how she will transport it. The red one is still available and is £200.

  45. Hello I would like to buy a Beehaus and connect with anyone locally to me who has one. I am on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border SK23. Thanks, Janine

  46. Hello,
    I’m looking for a Beehaus if anyone is selling one. I’m based in Suffolk but willing to travel within a sensible distance.
    Many thanks, Nicky

  47. Hello,
    I am looking for a used Beehaus for around £200. Preferably within 50 miles of
    Cardiff but may travel further.
    Thank you, David

  48. Hi all, there is a beehaus for sale on eBay. Seller will not post, it’s in South England so too far for me. I’m in North Wales if anyone knows of a second hand one going near me, please let me know. Thanks.

  49. Hi Everyone
    I am looking for a secondhand beehaus hive in good condition. I live in Lancashire. Anyone nearby seeking one

    1. Hi Angela,
      Are you still looking for a Beehaus?
      I have one with all accessories for sale.
      Located near Ely, if that helps?


      1. Hi Colin
        I am coming down your way to purchase one. If yours is still for sale give me details and I could collect this weekend.

        1. Hi Gary, and thanks for the reply. It is still for sale – it’s red, has 8 supers and all accessories, so I’m looking to achieve £200. It had a good clean last year, but could probably do with another, which I won’t be able to do before the weekend.
          I will list it anyway, but if you definitely want it, let me know and I’ll send contact details.

          1. Hi Colin

            Yes I will take the hive and can collect this weekend earliest Friday can you email some pictures. That would be useful.

            Best regards

          2. Hi Colin

            I will need to pick up the hive Friday afternoon if that is ok with you? If so can you give me details of your address.

            Best regards

        2. Morning Gary,

          Friday is fine. I can send some photos later today if needed, otherwise see you then.
          The address is in Stretham, which is about 4 miles from Ely. Postcode is CB6 3GH. If you get to Stretham, give me a ring on 07939 172655, and I can direct you. Look forward to seeing you, Colin

          1. Hi Colin
            No problem it will be Friday afternoon at some point. I am coming from Lancashire and going to east grinstead first then up to you. Long day.
            Contact me direct on my email if you want. mobile 07704942229
            Best regards

  50. Hello! We are looking for a Beehaus and are based in Kent. If you have one availability in the South East that you are looking to sell, please contact us.

  51. Hello Victoria, I have decided to sell my green Beehaus. It was used for 3 years until we moved back to Sussex and its been sitting in the garage for the past 3 years! It is complete – everything is there as delivered by Omlet. I also have 25 assembled super frames with foundation and 20 Assembled 14X12 frames with foundation. We live in East Grinstead and I am asking £230.

    1. Hi Christina

      If Victoria doesn’t respond with a firm interest I would be very interested and can collect.
      My name is Gary and I run a wildlife conservation site in Lancashire. We are interested in setting up a bee colony to improve the biodiversity of the site

          1. Hi Christina
            Yes I am still interested if you want to go ahead with the sale

            Best regards

          2. Yes I do want to sell the Beehaus so thats great Gary, let me know when you are thinking of collecting it. You can contact me on the email above.

  52. I replied to Victoria last week since I have a Beehaus for sale in East Grinstead, Sussex and the post has disappeared!!! Also a man kindly responded to my post saying he would be interested. I’m not sure where these posts have gone or is it me not able to access them??

  53. Red Beehaus for sale in Ely area.
    Comes with 8 supers and all accessories.
    In good used condition.

    Thank you!

    Colin Williams

      1. Hi Lucy,

        I’m afraid at the moment the Beehaus is reserved, but if it isn’t collected tomorrow, I’ll let you know.. Thank you for your interest.

  54. Hi
    I’m looking for a beehaus if anyone has one for sale – i’m in Leicestershire but willing to travel

  55. Hello! We are looking for a Beehaus and are based in North West. If you have one available that you are wanting to sell, please contact us.

  56. Hi looking to buy a beehaus if anyone is thinking of selling.
    Based in North West but can travel to collect
    Many thanks

  57. Hello,
    Is anyone selling a Beehaus please? Based in the Midlands but willing to travel.
    Thank you for reading.

  58. Hi based in ireland (cork) Looking for a Beehaus; willing to travel (once restrictions lifted)
    Thank you!

  59. Hi I’m after a second hand beehaus. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Im based in Norfolk but would consider some travel. Thank you

  60. We have an old Beehaus available in North Shropshire – I just need to give it a good clean. No supers or frames. Missing one wasp excluder. Offers

    1. Hi We would be interested are you able to send me more details – photo and also location in North Shropshire. Thankyou

    2. Hi I’m interested as well. I’m in Stafford but often have to go into Telford as we have a base there. Please can you send me some details.

  61. We are about 6 miles north of Newport on the way to Whitchurch. If you send you email address I shall post some photos. It is complete apart from some spacer boards, frames and the wasp excluder. Best offer in the region of £200.
    Bob and Fi Diggory

  62. I have one red Beehaus for sale in Shrewsbury. All the bits…just frames needed…and bees of course.
    £300. Jason Shrewsbury Bees
    07779726532…WhatsApp me for details. Thanks

    1. hi Jason is your beehaus still for sale ? Our current one is Full up and last night we were lucky enough to get a swarm , currently very crowded in a poly nuc,

  63. Hi.
    I’m looking to take up beekeeping and was after a second hand Beehaus. Has anybody got one for sale and any other beekeeping accessories to get me started. Based in Monmouthshire, so I’m happy to collect from South Wales, West Midlands and the South West.

  64. Hello I’m looking to buy a beehaus I live in Hertfordshire, if anyone in the surrounding area is selling please contact me. Regards John

  65. I have a Beehaus for sale. It is green with the usual starter equipment (supers, cover boards ,entrance adapters etc). It is located in South Manchester.
    Please contact me if interested.

    1. Hello Andrew I am interested, I’m not sure of the best way to make direct contact on this notice board, many thanks John

      1. Hello John,
        I can send you some photos or if you want to call round to look at the Beehaus I am happy to do so. You can call me on 07919166324.


  66. Hello

    Looking for second hand beehaus if there are any out there

    Happy to collect in South West notwithstanding COVID!

  67. Hi All,
    We’re still on the elusive beehaus hunt! Please give us a shout if anyone has one for sale. SW area but can travel.
    Cheers, Nell

  68. Have a Beehaus for sale. We live in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Had to give up beekeeping sadly as my husband had a bad reaction from the bees. Other bee hives available apart from the Beehaus plus other beekeeping equipment as no longer needed.

    1. Hi Vivienne
      I’m looking to take up beekeeping and was after a second hand Beehaus and any other beekeeping accessories to get me started. It sounds like you might have what I’m after. Are you able to send me details/pictures and an indication of how much you want for the various items?
      I’m based in Monmouthshire, so I’m happy to collect from Carmarthenshire.
      Thanks, Dave.

    2. HI Vivienne I replied earlier but don’t see it listed? Please can you provide more details on what you are selling and the price colour etc very interested thanks Kay

    3. Hi Vivienne
      Yes, we’d be interested. When did you get it and how much are you asking for it? Thanks Rachel

  69. Looking for a Beehaus, based on Staffordshire but willing to travel a reasonable distance.

  70. Looking for a second hand Beehaus if anyone has one. I’m based in Hertfordshire and can travel a reasonable distance into surrounding counties if you have one for sale.
    Many thanks

  71. Hi
    Does anyone have an Omlet beehaus for sale please?
    I’m mid Wales but travel to the north west also.
    Thank you

  72. Hi I’m looking for a beehaus in the US. Omlet will not send one to the states anymore for some reason.

    1. Hi Chris
      Where are you located?
      I have a 1st generation red Beehaus with 8 supers, inner covers, end and bottom boards, queen excluders and about 14 frames. Thinking of selling it but shipping might be pricey…
      I am in Vancouver BC Canada.
      Let me know if you are interested.

    1. I have one that I’d like to sell. Yellow, complete but no frames. £200 or near offer. Redditch area.

  73. I have a used yellow beehaus for sale- Near Redditch West midlands- complete but no frames £200 or near offer

  74. Hi team! I have 2 yellow beehauses for sale. £300 each. Dorset.
    Classic thing- used for a year & discovered i have an alarming reaction to stings.

  75. Green beehaus for sale (collection only) mid Kent.
    Some frames, suits, candipollen, and general paraphernalia. £250

  76. I have a yellow beehaus still for sale. 8 unused Frames and supers included. West Midlands B48 area. £200. 10 years old but only used for 1 year

  77. I have a yellow beehaus still for sale. 8 unused Frames and supers included. West Midlands B48 area. £200. 10 years old but only used for 1 year.

      1. Hi Jess, not sure which Jo you meant to send that to.

        The other Jo sold her Beehaus before Christmas, but I still have two Green Beehauses for sale if Essex/Suffolk is not too far for you to come?

  78. Hello, I have two green beehauses for sale, £250 each. One is about five years old, the other I got second hand so is a bit older. Both need a good clean (my bees produced a lot of propolis!) but are otherwise in good condition. Both have supers and I have a lot of brood frames that all need cleaning up too. Other stuff such as feeders, a smoker etc included. On the North Essex / South Suffolk border.

    1. I would be interested please. I have Warre Hives plus a Layens at the moment, but am wanting to move over to something where I don’t have to build my own frames! Can I come to see them?

      1. Hi Anna, yes of course.

        Whereabouts are you based? When would you like to come and see them?

        I am at work most days but not Friday and I should be free at the weekend.

        I look forward to hearing from you, Jo

  79. Hi Anna, yes of course.

    Whereabouts are you based? When would you like to come and see them?

    I am at work most days but not Friday and I should be free at the weekend.

    I look forward to hearing from you, Jo

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