My Wifey Launches Speechy

My Wifey Launches Speechy

Speechy Logo
Speechy – Wedding Speech Writing Service

This might seem a bit of a random post, but read on to the bottom and you’ll see how it relates to bees.

My wife has launched Speechy.

It’s a Wedding Speech writing service utilising the talents of professional TV Scriptwriters (Heidi used to work @ the BBC) and it’s coming to a marquee near you.

They produce bespoke, witty and memorable speeches for anyone who wants to speak at a wedding. But even if you’re not about to give a speech it’s worth signing up to Speechy’s Facebook and Twitter. The posts are funny enough to see you through a commute (unless you’re driving in which case they wouldn’t be appropriate).

She’s even created some videos like the one below to promote her service:

Please have a look at

PS – THIS IS IMPORTANT – Heidi says the more ‘likes’ I get her the more time she’ll spend extracting honey with me.

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