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This might seem a bit of a random post, but read on to the bottom and you’ll see how it relates to bees.

When my wife-to-be found me struggling with my groom speech she knocked out a really good first draft that got me started.  Then I had to write a best man speech – and I again, struggled.  In fact, speaking with friends at the time, many were hiding in darkened rooms and stressing about the speeches they had to write.

This highlighted an opportunity to help people with their wedding speeches and my wife has launched a wedding speech writing service utilising the talents of professional TV Scriptwriters (Heidi used to work @ the BBC).  And it’s coming to a marquee near you.

Speechy sell a range of wedding speech templates, including for best man, groom and father of the bride templates and recently had launched an AI wedding speech writing tool.  They are all excellent.

PS – THIS IS IMPORTANT – Heidi says the more ‘likes’ I get her the more time she’ll spend extracting honey with me.

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