14×12 Nucs For Sale From £175

14×12 Nucs & Beekeeping Equipment For Sale

Location: Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12, UK

In July this year I started a very busy job and now need to reduce the number of colonies I am managing.

I have 6 nucs for sales (in 14 x 12 poly hives, photo below) that I will aim to be ready for collection by end May 2018 with 2018 Laying Queens.

This will be as a result of some colonies splits and artificial swarms in April 2018.  All my colonies have good tempered bees, have been fed for the winter and were treated for Varroa with Apiguard and MAQs in Summer and early Autumn.  I will treat them again before collection.

Two payment options: (A) £100 non refundable deposit to reserve your nuc plus £100 on collection; or (B) discounted price of £175 paid upfront when reserving your nuc.

Please contact me now using Contact Form. First come first served. Please leave your phone number so I can call you back if needed.

Other Items For Sale

  1. Six 14×12 nucs for £200/each (or £175 if full amount paid upfront)
  2. 14×12 cedar hives (assembled, brood, 2 supers, stand, roof, crownboard, good condition) – £180
  3. One honey ripener (photo below).  Similar to the one here: honey ripener at £134 from Maisemore. This has been extremely useful for jarring honey.  Will sell for £70.
  4. Five 30lb honey buckets. Typically about £3.40 each, hence £17 value. Will sell for £10.
  5. One 54lb honey bucket worth about £5.  Will sell for £3.
  6. Two Thermosolar Hives (I am about to write a post on this), assembled, painted, brood, 3 supers, roof, crownboard, good condition, sad to see it go (just don’t have the time to use effectively): £400 each plus the buyer needs to write 2 posts/reviews a year, with photos, for 3 years

I am located in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK.

Please contact me (via contact form) if you are interested and leave a phone number.

Videos & Photos Of Nucs (Feeder On Top):

Orange Nuc - 21 October 2016
Orange Nuc
Honey Ripener Fpr Sale
Honey Ripener For Sale
Thermosolar Hive (Blue) With Bees
Thermosolar Hive (Blue) With Bees

The Beekeeper

Beekeeper With Insulated Hives
Beekeeper With Insulated Hives

I look forward to hearing from you.

Author: Roger

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

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