2,000 Varroa In Hive Two


I have just undertaken a varroa count on Hive Two.  40 mites dropped over 8 days.  The Varroa Mite calculator, calculates the following:

  • Average Daily Mite Fall = 5.0 varroa mites
  • Estimated number of adult varroa mites in the colony = 2,000
  • Treatment is recommended as soon as practically possible

What makes this unbelievable is that the varroa count on 24th August 2013 came out as a low 290 mites in the colony and even after that I applied Apiguard for two weeks.

It looks like I will have to apply Oxalic Acid next weekend – let’s hope it’s mild.

Photo of the varroa board in August 2013:

Hive Two Varroa Board 24 August 2013
Hive Two Varroa Board 24 August 2013

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Author: Roger

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2 thoughts on “2,000 Varroa In Hive Two”

  1. Oh dear 🙁

    Perhaps the reason for the higher count might be that more of the mites are on the adult bees now, and so more likely to fall off?

  2. I suspect this reflects the relatively warm autumn and early winter we’ve had. Many colonies probably had brood late into the year and, going by the strength of some of the nucs I’ve treated with OA today, I wouldn’t be surprised if some have yet to be broodless. In the Midlands we’ve only had about three good frosts over the last couple of months.

    All this is in stark contrast to the beginning of 2013 which, following a very long cold winter, was notable – at least round here – for very low mite levels.

    What I’d prefer is a short hard winter. No chance this year 🙁

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