Communicating through the medium of dance

Bees do the waggle dance to let fellow bees know where to find nectar and it works just as well as a Joanna Lumley voiced Sat Nav.  So I am going to try some bum-waggling to improve communications with my nearly-wife.  I will test this new method of communication by trying to describe directions to the biscuit jar.

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Author: Roger

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

2 thoughts on “Communicating through the medium of dance”

  1. Roger…nuts but entertaining! And of course, informative! Marvellous combination! Did the wiggle waggle work with the biscuits?

    1. She didn’t need me to find the biscuits! Maybe we can do the Waggle Dance as our First Dance (getting married on Saturday)? Now, where shall I direct my Virgin Queen on her Maiden Flight …? And what about the other drones showing their moves on the dance floor and as she makes her way down Park Street? My Waggle Dance had better be good!

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