Bristol Honey – 2014 Harvest

Bristol Honey – 2014 Harvest

Dad and I have just extracted the Bristol 2014 honey harvest from the Redland allotments. This honey is now available in the Wild Oats health food shop (has best before date of 12 Sep 2016 if you want to make sure it came from the September honey harvest).

Darren had another good beekeeping year. He has not had to use any chemicals to kill varroa and he has not fed his bees at any point. This is as close to natural beekeeping as it gets! He also produces very fat frames of honey (see photo below).

The honey we produce is raw honey. I.e. not heat treated and only roughly filtered, keeping all the nutrients and not destroying the naturally-occuring enzymes.

The taste is quite different to last year. I would describe it as having a buttery aroma and initial taste with a minty after-taste. It has a light, golden colour. Enjoy!

Fat Beehive Frames
Fat Beehive Frames

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  • More info on Darren, this honey and where to find it: Bristol Honey

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