Building more beehive parts – by myself

I felt confident enough to put frames together myself and I was chuffed that I managed to get the Black & Decker workmate up.

Beehive building

It took about 2-3 hours in the garage to build 10 frames with foundation and about 2 hours the following evening to build a Super.  Of course, I put the Super together wrongly …. But I managed to prise the box apart, including eight 2” nails, before the glue set.

My advice – either build the hive over Winter, buy a completed beehive for an extra £100 or buy a beehaus.

Postscript: Hmmmm … I didn’t follow my advice, read It’s A Girl.

Author: Roger

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

3 thoughts on “Building more beehive parts – by myself”

  1. Try getting a rampin for frame building – much easier and quicker than a hammer, and no bashed fingers!

    Funnily enough I actually enjoy building frames, how odd lol!

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