Crunch Accounting Review & Vouchers

Crunch Accounting Review & Vouchers

Crunch Accounting

Crunch is an accountancy firm, I use, based in Hove (UK), focused on freelancers, contractors & small businesses, with good online accounting software, hosted in the cloud.

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Crunch Accounting

Online Accounting Services For Small Businesses

I started working for myself in 2015. I am essentially a Transformation and Programme Manager contractor and due to the nature of my work I had to set up a Limited company.  I spent a day meeting my local accountancy firm and reading reviews of online accountancy firms.  I spoke with 4 firms, watched the demos of their systems and ended up choosing Crunch Accounting.  I have not been disappointed.

Crunch Review

Every now and again I find a new product or service that I think is absolutely amazing and I find myself raving about to friends.

Friends ask me how “business” is going?  I say it’s going “pretty well”.  They ask “is it difficult to set up a Ltd company and do the accounts” and I tell them “it’s a breeze”.  The business text books say that running a Ltd company is far more effort than being a sole trader, but Crunch have made it a doddle.

I can genuinely say that I LOVE this service as it has enabled me to work for myself and here’s why:

  1. Creating an invoice is as easy as “add client”, click, “create invoice”, click, “issue via email”, click.  If you are registered for VAT the system adds it automatically
  2. Adding expenses, is as easy as above, it’s even made easier by an App they have, whereby I use my phone to take a picture and then an expense is created that recognises the supplier, goods, cost, VAT and categorises it
  3. To recharge expenses is again, a click of a button
  4. You can pay an extra £5/month (I do) and your business bank account links to your online company accounts.  To then reconcile incoming and outgoing money, the Crunch software matches up what you have done in the company account with transactions in the bank account and you click “reconcile”.  This means the system knows, in real time, your current financial position, which means you can pay yourself dividends whenever you like. Clever!
  5. Pay self salary or dividend, click
  6. VAT return, click
  7. Annual return, click
  8. Have a query, email or call them and you will get a swift response

This is what I want from companies I work with.

Crunch Voucher

I hope you have found this personal review helpful.

If you use the advert/link below (or the one above) to sign-up to Crunch you will get a £25 Amazon voucher and I will get a small kick-back that will help fund this blog, which in turn is helping beekeepers and honey bees.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please ask them below and with my 6 months experience of Crunch I will endeavour to answer you.