Eglu Review

Eglu Review: Verdict, Pros, Cons

I usually write about bees and beekeeping but I am a huge fan of the Beehaus (by Omlet) and in my journey to find the good life I’m considering chickens and the Eglu chicken coop (by Omlet).  Us beekeepers are known for being frugal and looking for good value and as usual, I like to do lots of research and read online reviews.  I thought I would write it all down as it might be useful to others out there considering what type of chicken coop to buy.

Eglu Classic Cutaway
Eglu Classic Cutaway

Eglu Verdict (My Personal View)

  • Highly functional with excellent design – appeals to hearts and minds
  • Appears expensive, but: (A) cheaper chicken coops come as flat packs and take time/stress to assemble, (B) it has a fox guard, so less dead chickens (saving £20 a time), (C) the Eglu may help chickens produce more eggs and be less likely to get diseases (rationale: easier to clean, good ventilation). Hence, it might give better value than first meets the eye.
  • All reviews on the Internet are 3 to 5 stars with the vast majority being 5 stars

Eglu Options: Eglu Classic, Eglu Go, Eglu Cube

The table below may help you find which option is right for you.

Eglu Classic
Eglu GoEglu Cube
Eglu ClassicEglu GoEglu Cube
Suitable for 2-4 medium sized chickens or 2-3 larger breeds.Suitable for 2-4 medium sized chickens or 2-3 larger breeds.Suitable for up to 10 chickens.
From £450From £360From £699
Functionally the same as the Eglu Go but the production process is more expensive and you are paying extra for the design as compared to the Eglu GoBetter value than the Eglu Classic for 2-4 chickens.Standard model houses 6 chickens, can be extended to 10 chickens


+ Pros: Low maintenance, easy to clean, fox resistant, easy access, good ventiallation, warm in winter, cool in summer

– Cons: Expensive

£ Value: Chickens will live in optimal conditions: this may lead to them producing more eggs and be less likely to have disease.  Product will last a lifetime.

Assuming a chicken costs £20 and one a year would be killed by foxes.  Assuming 3 chickens produce 3 eggs a week more due to optimal conditions and these 3 eggs are worth £0.80. Extra value per year could be up to £60.  I appreciate these estimates are very rough. Some readers might consider that chickens will be equally productive in any coop.

Delivery: They ship to the whole of the UK, including the Channel Islands, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and the United States. Use the links below.

Customer Reviews

The reviews from those who have bought and use the Eglu are overwhelmingly positive.  You can read 100’s of reviews here: Eglu Customer Reviews

Useful Links

In the past they used to give a 10% discount when you bought online rather than over the phone. Follow these links and login (top right of page) to buy online. They often have other freebies on offer.

I have also researched cheaper, bigger and more expensive chicken coops – but all representing good value – and created a couple of posts:

Learn More About Chickens

If you want to learn more about chickens for free, the Omlet website has some excellent pages which I have linked to: Click Here

If you want to buy a book on the subject, I have linked to the most popular ones in my UK Chicken Coops and USA Chicken Coops posts.

Final Word

I hope you found this useful and good luck with any chickens.

I know more about bees, so please have a look around this blog if honey bees interest you. You might want to start with my post: I Am Not A Beeman.

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  1. Would two chickens be happy enough to live in coops in my back garden and I would use one of these Eglus. I am not sure how safe they would be if I left them free in the garden. Thinking possibly of two Bantams.
    Thank you.

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