First Guest At The Bee Hotel

Despite quite a lot of rain, Spring is still in the air!

I was bought a solitary bee hotel* (Amazon UK Link / USA Link) for Christmas and now it’s got its first guest!  I think it might be a Mason Bee egg/larvae as the entrance has been plugged with mud.

* It’s funny how some things don’t translate. Putting in the Amazon link above I have learnt that in the States the same solitary bee hotel is called an “Interactive Mason Bee Management System House”, which reminds me of a story a friend who works in Houston told me recently, about a colleague who ran into the room to say that the “European Electric Water Heater was about to explode” when he was simply boiling a kettle.

Solitary Bee Hotel With Guest
Solitary Bee Hotel With Guest

I must say, I reckon those solitary bees have the right idea. I might have been able to cope with communal living in my twenties (I didn’t seem to mind waking up on Saturday mornings with random bodies sprawled over the flat) but these days I can barely handle my wife sharing the king sized bed let alone anyone else!

And eh eh, what’s this I’ve spotted in the garden?  A hole with two halves of a nut shell on each side.

Hole & Nut Shell
Hole & Nut Shell

I’m pretty sure I know what it is and will update with my next post but open to guesses from you guys.

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