Giant Poppies & The June Gap

A neighbour gave me some poppy seeds last year.  I sprinkled them liberally around the garden, expecting them to look like the ones you see in fields – 30cm tall, floaty, dreamy.  Instead,  I have 150cm giants, single headed, double headed, pink, red, purple.  I love them.  My bees love them.  They’ve been all over them every morning since the end of May.  I’m going to harvest the seeds and give them to neighbours to help give the bees some food during next year’s June gap (when there’s a shortage of flowers for the bees, before the 2nd nectar flow starts in July).

Honeybees On Poppies
Honeybees On Poppies
Giant Poppies
Giant Poppies

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Author: Roger

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4 thoughts on “Giant Poppies & The June Gap”

  1. My poppies have been done blooming for quite a while, I miss them already. Now it’s the lavender and Russian sage the bees are enjoying.

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