Hay Fever Cure – Local Honey

Is Local Honey A Miracle Hay Fever Cure?

Based on a sample of 1, me, it might be!

Since I was 3 years old I’ve been on eye drops, nose sprays, anti-histamine and I tried a homeopathic remedy for a time too. I might like to pretend to be Bear Grylls when I’m with the bees, but the reality is I’m a sensitive soul and I’m allergic to blooming pollen. Literally.

Peak allergy time for me was April to July. My hay fever has been getting better over the last 10 years but this year was the first time I didn’t need anything from the start of June till the end of the season.  And last year, my local honey came from the June and July nectar flow!

Conclusion (again – based on my completely non-scientific sample of 1) – exposure to the June and July pollen through the rest of the year has increased my tolerance and helped to reduce my allergies. Now if only I can prove to my wife that I’m allergic to hops …

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Author: Roger

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