Honeybee Photos – Please Help

My cheap, point and shoot camera does a basic job but there are times when I would like to be able to publish some quality honeybee photos.

I would be very grateful if you emailed me quality photos you have taken. Crucially, the photos need to be yours and you need to give me the right to use them. If I do publish them, you will be credited and links provided to your blogs (if you have one) on a main Honeybee Photos page.

I am particularly looking for:

    • Queen (in hive, attended by workers, mating, killing another Queen)
    • Workers (hatching, in hive, looking after brood, flying, foraging, pollen on legs)
    • Drones (in hive, being kicked out of hive)
    • Dwarf drones
    • Eggs
    • Multiple Eggs laid by Laying Workers
    • Queen cell
    • Brood (worker, drone)
    • Pupae
    • Varroa mites
    • Pollen mites
    • Other honeybee parasites
    • Interesting shots (Your bee beards? Bees doing unusual things?)

Please upload and send me photos from the Contact Me page.  Photos can be up to 5Mb.

Many, many thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.

Author: Roger

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

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