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I have a beekeeping friend in Bristol and I have written before about his towering hives, triple brood boxes and two Queen colonies under a post called Hive Envy According To Freud.

He’s been beekeeping for ten years, but he’s also been renovating his house and neglecting his garden for the same amount of time. So we’ve just started a system where he takes the boxes off the hives, I pick them up, harvest the honey, jar it and sell it with my Talking With Bees label. I give him the boxes back so the bees can take the honey I have left.

I also pay him for this opportunity – but at 2am I was starting to think he should pay me!

I have written more about this honey, where to find it, Darren and his bees here: Bristol Honey.

New Pages

You are by now probably aware that there is a bit of a perfectionist in me so a lot of research went into getting the label right. I have produced a few pages about honey labelling and honey:

Hive Records

To keep up-to-date with how I am managing my hives you may want to view my notes:

Hive One is now deceased sadly (read: Starving Bees).  Hive Two is currently Queen Right, healthy and well fed. Amazingly the Queen is marked as I explained in An Inspector Calls.

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