September & October In The Apiary

September & October In The Apiary

The Bees & I Are Ready For Winter

In the last two months:

  1. Hives looking very healthy with lots of positive activity
  2. Apiguard applied
  3. Varroa counts low
  4. No feeding required (this is my first time)
  5. Hefted hives on 28/10 and they were all more than 12.5Kg each side
  6. Equipment cleaned with hot air gun
  7. Sold two nucs that were surplus to requirements (still have honey ripener, 1/2lb jars and honey buckets for sale)

November 2016 – March 2017

I will put on mouse guards when the temperature drops (it is forecast to be 15C Monday and the colonies are bound to be active).

There will be little practical beekeeping for the next five months, so now I am going to consider (A) my beekeeping approach going forward (I will be writing about this soon) and (B) perhaps/probably undertaking a couple of BBKA exams.

Apiary - 21 October 2016
My Apiary – 21 October 2016 (before I sold the nucs)

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3 thoughts on “September & October In The Apiary”

  1. I am new to beekeeping as of early this year and have 2 hives; one from a nucleus given to me and another from a swarm I caught. They are housed in 1 brood box each at present and have fared well. Whilst I have been feeding them in the last 2 months, they have now stopped feeding.Could you advise on what I should do as regards any further winter feeding and when to start in spring? Kind regards, Glenys

  2. It’s summer here in Australia now so our beekeeping is in full force haha. Great stuff on your posts here though, will try to follow!

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