Technology & Beekeeping In 2016

Technology & Beekeeping In 2016

I am very hopeful that beehive design, technology, the cloud, science (understanding impact of pesticides on honey bees, honeybee diseases, etc.) and, last but not least, improved beekeeping practices, will make beekeeping better for honey bees and beekeepers over the next 5-10 years. I am confident that together these elements will be able to reduce harm from varroa, viruses, diseases and predators (like the Asian hornet) and parasites (like the small hive beetle).

The BBC have just published an article entitled “Can tech keep the world’s bees buzzing?” (external link).  It’s worth a read.

Thermosolar Hive - Ceiling & Sensors
Thermosolar Hive – Ceiling & Sensors

Let’s see where we are by 2020!

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I have written about some innovations I have seen in recent years:

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