The first sting is the deepest

I have passed a key milestone in joining the beekeeping club.  I received my first couple of stings for interfering too much with the bees.  They stung through my jeans, so I didn’t get the full impact, but enough to back-off.

The good news is that I did not go into an anaphylactic shock.  I had thought about provoking a bee sting before investing in beehives … but I wasn’t brave enough.

Hopefully, these initial bee stings will build some resistance.  But I think I have read somewhere, that the opposite can happen and you can become allergic over time.  The future is full of uncertainties.

Decision: buy an EpiPen, not for me, but in case someone else needs it.

You need to buy an actual EpiPen from a chemists, but here are some useful products on Amazon:

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Author: Roger

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

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