Honey Extraction – Bristol, Glos

Honey Extraction Service – Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Glos

I provide a honey extraction service for beekeepers with hives in Bristol, Bath & Gloucestershire.

I come to bespoke arrangements with beekeepers to extract their honey from supers. I can pay you per full super or can provide you with a proportion of the extracted honey. Payment or share varies depending on if I collect or you drop-off and pick-up.

Please read my page on the TWB Network for more information.

Honey In Comb

Hive Two - Frame Of Honey - 16 August 2013
Hive Two – Frame Of Honey – 16 August 2013

Extracting Honey

Honey Frames In Extractor
Honey Frames In Extractor

Please read TWB Network page for more information.

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